The project «Dark Princess Olga Romanova» was started in June 2004 with a casual acquaintance on the Internet (March 2004) by Olga Romanova and Vitaly Chulkov.

It was attended by (the period from 2004–2008, from 2020):

1. Olga Trifonova (ex-Romanova);
2. Mihail Guz;
3. Stepan Zuev;
4. Alexandr Lyubimov;
5. Tomazo Albinoni.

1. Olga Trifonova (ex-Romanova);
2. Alyona Gindina;
3. Mihail Karasyov;
4. Viktor Kukoverov;
5. Aleksey Volodin;
6. Irina Hayrullina;
7. Olga Gryzlova;
8. Stepan Zuev;
9. Alexandr Lyubimov.

1. Vitaly Chulkov;
2. Mihail Guz;
3. Alexandr Shcheglov;
4. Ruslan Maslennikov;
5. Roman Zotov.

Sampling, recording, mixing:
1. Vitaly Chulkov;
2. Ruslan Maslennikov.

Guitar, acoustic guitar, arrangement of guitar parts:
1. Mihail Guz;
2. Alexandr Shcheglov;
3. Ruslan Maslennikov.

Dark Princess Olga Romanova’s debut album «Without You» was released in June 2005.

In August 2005, the band «Dark Princess» was created for live performances, the members were:

Olga Romanova (Dark Princess) — vocal;
Alexander Lyubimov (Saint) — guitar;
Denis Stekanov (Ghost) — drums;
Ilya Klokov (Wizard) — solo guitar;
Stepan Zuev (Exumbra) — keyboards;
Stanislav Fatyanov (Dogma) — bass.

Olga Romanova, Mihail Guz and Vitaly Chulkov continued to record the same musical material.

At the same time, the recording of the second album «Stop My Heart» began. It went on sale on November 7, 2006. The album was presented on November 10, 2006 in St. Petersburg (Red Club) and on November 12 in Moscow (Ikra Club) with the support of the Italian gothic metal band Domina Noctis.

The recording of the Russian-language album «Жестокая Игра» was completed in June 2007. The album appeared on the shelves of music stores on December 16, 2007. It includes Russian versions of 10 songs from the albums that have already been performed in English «Without You» and «Stop My Heart», 2 new English songs and a remix of the song «Жестокая Игра».

1. On January 19, 2005, a long-term contract was signed with the Foreign Repertoire Department of Soyuz-Music.

2. It was signed a long-term contract with the European label Out Of Line in October, 2007 (Mach XX/SPV).

The album «Stop My Heart» was released worldwide on February 1, 2008.

February 8, 2008 Olga left the project named after herself. After the exit of the vocalist, the project existed 5 years and was buried by producer. With a new vocalist the album «The World I’ve Lost» (2012) was recorded.

In August 2020, Olga Trifonova (ex-Romanova) brought the rights back to the Dark Princess brand and returned the project to life.

13 songs were recorded for the new album "Phoenix" in less than a year. The author of all the songs/music was Olga herself, the lyrics to 11 songs were written by Alyona Gindina. The album was recorded with session musicians, and, in summer 2021, Olga reestablished the "Dark Princess" band. Only one member was invited to the new band from the previous lineup.

In June, the video for the song "Phoenix" was shot.

In December 2021, the video clip for the song "Falling To Fly" was shot.

The video for the song "My Shadow Self" is planned to be shot in February. These 3 tracks are planned to be released as singles before releasing the "Phoenix” album.

Dark Princess band:
Olga Trifonova – vocal;
Stepan Zuev – keyboards;
Sergey Moroz – drums;
Denis Nikulshin – bass;
Andrey Lavrov – guitar;
Maxim Demidov – guitar.