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“Stop My Heart” (2006)

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Released on November 7, 2006

1. Cry
2. Stop My Heart
3. One Last Goodbye
4. Please Betray Me
5. Join Me In Life
6. The Deepest Fall
7. No Pain
8. Close To The Sky
9. Endless Dead Time
10. The Pyre’s Song
11. Нас Больше Нет
12. Жестокая Игра

“Romantic Dark Ballads”

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To the International Women’s Day – March 8

Dear ladies!

MetalAgen & Soyuz Music heartily congratulate you on the international women’s day of March 8 and wish you all the best, and most importantly – beautiful music that would accompany you all your long, healthy and happy life.

And we also invite your gentlemen to make a gorgeous gift for their beloved – a collection of Romantic Rock Ballads, in which you will hear magnificent songs performed by stars of Russian and foreign rock music. This album will go on sale on March 6 in the SOYUZ chain of branded stores. In the regions, discs will also appear on the eve of the holiday.

Romantic Dark Ballads track list:

  1. Friend Of The Night – MOGWAY
  3. Forever Angel – AXEL RUDI PELL
  4. While My Guitar – PETER FRAMPTON
  5. Mourning Outside – FORGIVE ME NOT
  6. Wish You Where Here – BLACKMORE’S NIGHT
  7. Light The Universe – HELLOWEEN & CANDICE NIGHT
  8. My Fragile Winter Dream – OLGA ROMANOVA/DARK PRINCESS
  9. Beyond Reality – SAVAGE CIRCUS
  10. Forbidden Waters – MORAY EEL
  11. Omerta – KATATONIA
  12. Trail Of Broken Hearts – DRAGONFORCE
  13. Wo Die Wilden Rossen – FUSSPILS 11

“Dark Princess” and “Paradise Lost” on the Gorbunov stage

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As part of a tour in support of the last album, “Paradise Lost“, they will also visit Russia. The company “Spika Merchandising” provides all fans of the group’s work with the opportunity to see the founders of the gothic-metal style on September 30 in Moscow at the Gorbunova recreation center and on October 1 in St. Petersburg at the Port club.

30 September 2005
DC Gorbunova (Moscow)
Beginning: 19.00
Organizer: Spika Merchandising

Dark Princess Set List:
1. Living in me
2. Lost sunrise
3. The skin of the universe
4. Cry
5. Reach the sky
6. The game

The band “Dark Princess”

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The band “Dark Princess” was created for live performances.

  • Olga Romanova (Dark Princess) – vocal;
  • Alexander Lyubimov (Saint) – guitar;
  • Denis Stekanov (Ghost) – drums;
  • Ilya Klokov (Wizard) – solo guitar;
  • Stepan Zuev (Exumbra) – keyboards;
  • Stanislav Fatyanov (Dogma) – bass.

Debut album “Without you” (2005)

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Label Soyuz/Metalagen released the debut album of the Dark Princess Olga Romanova “Without You”

Released on June, 2005

1. Yearning For The Sun
2. Leaving In Me
3. Lost Sunrise
4. The Skin Of The Universe
5. Reach The Sky
6. Let Me Go
7. Taste Of Shame
8. Without You
9. The Game
10. My Fragile Winter Dream
11. My Fragile Winter Dream (acoustic version)